Kevron Properties Pet Policy

Kevron Properties’ apartments are pet friendly. Common household pets we accept are well behaved, small domesticated dogs, cats, rodents, fish, and certain reptiles. No tenant shall have more than two animals of any breed at one time.

Approved small pets are allowed with an upfront $150 pet fee per pet, an additional $10 of rent per month per pet, and a signed pet agreement. Pet fees are non-refundable. The following domesticated animals are allowed with approval:

  • Domesticated Cat, maximum 2 cats
  • Domesticated Dog, UNDER 25 LBS maximum 1 dog
  • Small rodents kept in cages (gerbil, hamster, guinea pig, etc.)
  • Small reptiles kept in cages (turtles, lizards, geckos, etc.)
  • Small fish bowls are ok, but no water tanks over 10 gallons.
  • No snakes, no spiders, no insects, no birds.

We do not allow certain dog breeds: Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, Chows, German Shepherds, and Doberman Pinchers. So, no, don’t even ask.

If you have an animal which will not allow our maintenance person entry to your apartment, YOU WILL HAVE TO BE PRESENT FOR ALL REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE AT OUR SCHEDULE. Even if you have to take off of work.

Tenant will pay additional labor and materials for any damage, cleaning, smell removal, or poop removal needed because of their pet.

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